The Association’s principal objectives are the fostering of the science of astronomy, encompassing research and public education, and the encouragement and support of observational astronomy.

Meetings are held monthly at the University of Queensland and regular field nights are held in Brisbane and at dark sky sites. The AAQ publishes a monthly newsletter, an annual proceedings and has an extensive library available to members. Members may also hire telescopes owned by the AAQ. Membership is open to all those with an interest in astronomy.

2019 Council

The Council is the management committee of the AAQ.

President Claire Houston
General Secretary <vacant>
Treasurer Tim Napier-Munn
Vice Pesident Chris Ryan
Membership Secretary Des Janke
Technical Secretary Ben Pace
Councillors Geoff Biggs
  Graeme Jenkinson
  Roberto Romano


The AAQ Constitution is available as an A4 Adobe PDF file at this link or in an A5 Booklet format for printing back to back on A4 paper at this link.


The AAQ has the following special interest Sections, followed by the Section Director.

Astrophotography – the photography, film and digital, of astronomical objects and transient phenomena. Rick Stevenson
Computers – computer related astronomical topics. Des Janke
Double Stars - the observation of double and multiple stars. Graeme Jenkinson
Education - outreach activities and specialised observing nights for schools. David O'Driscoll
Instruments – anything to do with amateur telescope equipment and accessories. Greg Bond
Library - maintenance and management of the Association's Library. Graeme Jenkinson
Newsletter - production and distribution of the monthly member newsletter John Salini
Occultations - the timing of the occultation of stars by the Moon and asteroids. Steve Kerr
Solar System - the observation and study of objects within our solar system. Tony Dutton
Spectroscopy - the observaton and equipment for analysis of starlight by wavelength Julian West
Variable Stars – the observation of stars that fluctuate in brightness. Roy Axelsen
Visual Observing - the observation of deep sky (outside the solar system) objects. Denis Audet
Web site - maintenance of the AAQ web presence Des Janke